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Norson Chemical Industries (NCI) is not about manufacturing and selling paints. In fact, we are an agile and forward thinking enterprise, NCI believes in product innovation and greatly rely on international partnerships. NCI works closely with our partners in the Netherlands, China, Australia, Switzerland, Korea and USA, to provide you with the best product and solutions. Our newly built facility in the most modern industrial park in Lahore reflects our commitment. 

In the same vein, NCI is led by a team of management which is inspired by the vision of its founding chairman Mr. Jawaid Mughal. Our technical team is staffed with highly qualified technologists and lab is equipped with the latest equipment.


We live and breathe our values of individuality and integrity. That is why every one of you is important for us and expect more from us. We don't believe in shortcuts on quality of our services and products. Today, 80% of our sales are from exports reconfirming our claims of quality paint manufacturer. Now, you can buy our products from a network of over 400 dealers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.


STAIN & Dirt Resist

An Innovative Product With Special Additives, We Made Sure That Your Walls Remain New and Stain Free all the Time.  


SPecial emulsion

A Special Blend that Gives You Stunning Silky Finish and Superior Washability.



An Iconic Product that Deserves Every Single Word of Its Name, No Matter How Harsh Are the Weather Conditions.


Wall Putty

The Challenge of Aesthetics and Performance Begins with this Base Coat. Expect An Unmatched Performance.

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