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Hiring a Paint Contractor

Painting is a professional skill built on experience. The good news is that finding a professional painter for any given job, whether an interior or exterior painting project, doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Here are 5 Quick Steps to Finding the Perfect Painting Contractor

Tip-1: Do Your Homework – Turn to your friends, colleagues and your local Homex Retailer or a Sales Agent

Tip-2: Plan an In-Home Consult – Assess personality and presentation

Tip-3: Get Three Quotes – Estimates are usually free

Tip-4: Get a Written Contract – Protect yourself by getting info in writing

Tip-5: Why prep work matters.

1.    Do Your Homework

We recommend, leaning on colleagues, friends and family – everyone has painted at some point, so they make a great resource. Clearly, your local Homex retailer has plenty of local connections as part of the painting community in your neighborhood. Simply find a Homex authorized retailer near you, stop by, or call for a painting contractor referral.
Many painting contractors have completed painted sites – ask for them, and go and check them before awarding contract. And don’t be afraid of asking a paint contractor for their portfolio that they would be happy to share with you.

2.    Plan an In-Home Consult

Qualities to look for when hiring a painter include being professional, polite and dressed appropriately. In addition to a neat and tidy appearance, personality matters. This person will be spending time within your home, so you want to make sure you and your family have a nice rapport with the painting contractor in question.
When describing your project to the prospective painting contractor, make sure you ask to receive more than one option. There are a range of paint systems available to you of different scope and price, so ask for at least two options. Get descriptions on each on how they differ, so you can understand what is available in order to make a fully informed decision.

3.    Get Three Quotes

Pricing varies depending on whether your job is one room, an entire floor or the full interior and exterior of your home. Plan three in-home consults, and get three quotes. Painting estimates are typically free.
The most common payment approach is an estimate by job. A painter will make an in-home assessment, so be sure to specify all the details of your painting project up front. Do ask them if they are factoring in the cost of in-can gift coupon and how much is that amount.
If you do not understand why it costs as much as cited in the estimate, don’t be afraid to ask. Painting contractors are professionals and are prepared to break down the pricing for you. Sanding, prepping, priming, caulking, clean up, and even moving furniture (pulling furniture out from walls, wrapping furniture in plastic to protect it) are all part of the cost of a job.
Money saving tip: Ask the painter what you can do to help streamline the project: Pulling furniture out from against wall and covering it with sheets or plastic may help you save. Another way to save? Invest in premium quality paint so that your paint job will last longer, saving you cash on future repainting.


4.    Get a Written Contract

Once you’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the three estimates that have been provided to you, it’s time to request a written contract/agreement. A written contract is important–it should include:
•    Details on surface preparation
•    What paint products will be applied
•    A time schedule and payment terms
•    Explain if the cost estimate includes or excludes in-can gift coupons
We don’t recommend paying in cash in advance, but if you go that route, ensure that you keep a portion of payment unpaid till the end of the job. A lack of documentation may cause problems later.


5.    Bonus Tip: Why Prep Work Matters

Remember, if your walls are in bad condition, there’s no way around it: a high-quality paint job is going to be more expensive; it’s worth it to pay for prep because if your walls are not upgraded by a pro, your wall will look the same, no matter how beautiful or premium the paint you pick is. While a lower sheen paint choice will hide some imperfections, it can only do so much.
Rely on Your Homex Retailer or Sales Agent to Find a Painter for you: As a member of your and painter community—your local, Homex retailer and sales agent can be a helpful resource. Stop by or call a Homex retailer near you!

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