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Industrial Paint
Through research and development NCI has engineered Performance Industrial coating products known for their protective and functional properties. But while protection is their primary goal, we have not lost sight of aesthetics. We offer you a wide variety of coatings meets the standards of performance in harsh industrial environments with soothing aesthetics.

HOMEX 2 Pack Zinc Phosphate Primer

Industrial Coating

It serves as the base priming coat for final Epoxy finish, it requires first blast cleaning or well prepared surfaces. This is prerequisite for workshop floors, hospitals, labs and pharmaceutical facilities to provide crack free chemical and stress resistant final film.


HOMEX 2K Epoxy (Clear and Colored)

Industrial Coating

This coating is suitable as a sealant for numerous surfaces and shows excellent resistance to water,oils,solvents,dilute acids, alkali, bleaches and other aggressive chemicals. It is widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, operation theaters, ceramics and factories, chemical plants,warehouses and workshops.

Thermoplastic Sack.jpg

Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Commercial cum Industrial

A sophisticated engineering to provide cost effective road marking solution for ensuring safety and protection. High weather-ability in all climatic condition makes this product ideal for application. The product is available in usual yellow and white with addition high reflective properties at night and now in customized colored especially red and blue for enhancing marking options and usage.

HOMEX Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Commercial cum Industrial

This is high build chlorinated rubber coating with wide applications, for moisture or water prone substrate such as car floor interior or exterior, ship base, water pools, water storage tanks interior, or marking roads for safety and protection. It also partially provide abrasion and impact resistance besides, superior water resistance. 

Homex Aluminium Finish.png

HOMEX Brilliant Chrome Aluminium Paint

Industrial Finish

A brilliant aluminium finish which is formulated to protect surface from corrosion, discoloration and effect of heat. Excellent heat and light repulsion properties, making it visible in poor condition because of high light reflection characteristic

Synthetic Varnish.png

Synthetic Clear Varnish

Commercial cum Industrial

A flexible oil based abrasive resistant top coat that is fast drying especially designed for creating penetrating filling coat especially wood based substrate. It is also used as water proofing application and at times enhancing gloss and glow of the final coat. 

Homex Thinner.png

HOMEX Thinner 1512

Commercial cum Industrial

A superior blend based solvent for all nitrocellulose based coatings. A fast evaporating solvent environment friendly solvent that enhances gloss and surface leveling. Thinner 1512 optimizes drying time to give you more smoother surfaces and gets you ready for the next coat if you building body on the surface to make-up for surface faults.

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