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Special Coating

Our specialized category are performance coatings and paints that can withstand the rigour of extreme conditions. These products are the result of our R&D partners overseas and our in-house innovation to create a product that is most suitable for local industrial, commercial and environment conditions. As a result you can expect  coatings using the highest quality raw materials and our primers achieve outstanding performance in aggressive, corrosive, and abrasive environments.

Hopcoch Wood Stain

A fast-drying and easy-to-use stain available in most fascinating wood tone colours that can be used to enhance the natural beauty of any wood surface.

Hopcoh Wood Stain.png

Hopcoch Sparkling Varnish

 It is specially formulated for interior and exterior wood work, floor, furniture paneling and yacht finishes. It has properties to preserve wood for longer period of time.


Hopcoch High Build Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer

HOPCOH Sanding Sealer is an eggshell finish, transparent high build sealer to seal wood pores.

Hopcoh Sanding Sealer.png

Hopcoch 2k Lacquer

A high gloss non-yellowing PL/ base clear lacquer for wooden surfaces which is hard, chemical resistant, fast curing and possess superior outdoor durability.

Hopcoh 2k Lacquer.png

HomexThinner 1512

A fast evaporating thinner give superb flow properties to HOMEX Lacquer and paint with nitrocellulose. It enhances gloss, surface smoothness and drying properties of Lacquer, Wood Stains and nitrocellulose base paints. Its special composition also prevents white spotting in wood lacquer.

Homex Thinner.png
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